Puppy Services

Weekday Puppy Visits – Twice daily

£286 per month.

During the first 6 months of your dogs life, training and socialisation is critical to develop a rounded and stable personality. Ideally within the first 3 months your puppy will want toilet breaks and stimulation through training and play multiple times a day.

With society getting busier and requiring more of our time, there may be periods where your new family member finds themself left alone in the house. This can be detrimental to their development and lead to seperation anxiety.

I am excited to offer a twice a day “Puppy Package” to carry out training and much needed play time with your pup. Throughout our time together, I will ensure they become an obedient, well socialised dog.


Any toilet accidents will be cleaned away and if using puppy pads, replaced.

Vaccination Requirements

Trips to and from the vet for vaccinations and worming is available on request.

A change of clothing is ensured prior to each visit to avoid your puppy picking up any germs/viruses until fully vaccinated.


Mental stimulation through training including recall, sit, stay and down, ball-games, play and praise will help condition your dog through positive reinforcement.