Dog Walking

If you work long hours, travel often or are struggling to walk your dog due to illness or injury, PowerPaws can help, able to offer flexibility and reliabile visits, even at short notice.
I am available 7 days a week and my background in fitness means I am able to handle the largest or most energetic of breeds, no dog is too big or small! I am trained and certified in canine behaviour and dog first aid, with years of experience with many different breeds.


  • 1 hour visit and/or walk = £12.00
  • 30 minute visit and/or walk = £7.00
  • 15 minute “poop and play” = £6.00
  • 90 minute intense “bootcamp” session (ideal for larger/energetic breeds) =  £16.00
  • Additional dogs =  £2.00 per dog

I can also offer training whilst we walk together and during any visit, no dog is too big or small so please enquire!



PowerPaws daycare offers a full day of engagement, activity and company for your dog during the busy periods of your life. Leaving your friend is never ideal and extended periods of absence can have negative affects on your dogs behaviour patterns, as-well as leading to seperation anxiety.
Our daycare premises are fully secure and situated in a quiet, child-free area. There is a large garden, sunny patio and a warm, cosy indoor space for your dog to enjoy. A home from home experience is guaranteed.
  • Weekday daycare (includes walk, feed and play) = £20 per day
    • Pickup + Dropoff can be included. There may be a fee dependant on postcode
  • Weekend daycare (includes walk, feed and play )= £25 per day
    • Pickup + Dropoff can be included. There may be a fee dependant on postcode

Dog Training

If your dog shows signs of aggression or unwanted behaviours such as excessive barking, jumping, lunging, scratching doors/walls, seperation anxiety or does not respect boundaries, PowerPaws Dog Training offers a home training service that can help.
A home consultation and initial assessment/diagnosis of the behaviour will help to provide a tailored treatment plan for you to carry out with your dog. If you need help after this diagnosis, additional visits and training sessions can be organised to help with the treatment or simply provide a professional pair of eyes to review the progress made.
All visits will take place in your home, where the dog is comfortable and typically exhibits the problematic behaviour. If you are experiencing issues when out walking or in certain locations then we can work with you to setup a controlled assessment in the problematic environment.
  • Initial Home Consultation (includes diagnosis and treatment plan) = £50
    • After the consultation I am available via phone/text to help with guidance for a 30 day period after our initial meeting.
  • Additional visits post consultation = £12.00 per hour.


Membership Offers

PowerPaws offers discounts on dog-walking for a monthly paid membership. Save the hassle of paying each day and book in advance. You will recieve a discount of up to 4 days worth of walking!
  • Monthly Member – 1 hour per day Monday – Friday = £220 per month
  • Monthly Member –  90 Mins per day Monday – Friday = £330 per month
  • Monthly Member – 2×30 min walks per day Monday – Friday = £286 per month
    • Pickup + Dropoff can be included,  price dependant on postcode

Hours of operation:

Walks and daycare are available from as early, to as late as required. This is applicable 7 days a week and over public holidays (for an additional fee.)